Application industries of Safety Screen

Safety Screen has a wide range of application industries.

In the field of construction, Safety Screen can effectively prevent high -altitude falling and ensure the safety of workers’ lives.

In industrial production, a safe screen is often set around the machinery and equipment of the factory to prevent workers from being injured by mistake.

In the transportation industry, such as cars and trains, safety screens can protect passengers from accidental collisions.

In the field of energy, such as nuclear power plants and hydropower stations, the safety screen plays a key isolation and protective role to ensure the safety of staff.

In the stadium, it can separate the audience area from the competition venue to ensure the safety of the audience.

In some public places, such as shopping malls and hospitals, the safety screen can also play a role in guiding people and preventing accidents.

In addition, the safety screen is also indispensable security measures in some special industries, such as laboratory and military facilities.

It can be said that Safety Screen has provided an important guarantee for the safety production of various industries.

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