Sales Office Add & Contacts:

13-1-2104, Xingchen Garden, East Development Zone, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China Post Code:050035

Tel: +86 311 8596 8616
Tel: +86 311 8596 7175
Fax: +86 311 8596 8681


Factory Add & Contacts:

IV-35 Industrial Park, Anping, Hebei, China Post Code:053600

Tel: +86 318 7568158
Tel: +86 318 7568198
Tel: +86 318 7020966
Tel: +86 318 7020965
Fax: +86 318 7568228

One of our following sales will reply your request.

Sales: Mrs. Alice Lang

Working for Anping Qinghe since 2006. She is serving about 50 customers globally, about 40 of whom never meet her face to face. Give her the hole diameter and pitch of the perforated metal you want, then she can tell you the open area percentage immediately without calculation, a lot of our new perforated metal customers are seeking professional advice from her. 

Motto: To make each day count. 

“It is amazing that we saw the aluminum, steel or galvanized material come to our workshop. Our co-workers work on the product, and weeks later, they become perforated metal sheets or coil, we pack and load them into containers. Then after thousands of miles of land and sea journey, our customer says: hi Alice, we got it, everything looks good! All those long procedures start from us, the Anping Qinghe Sales. What we are doing is just amazing.”

Sales: Mrs. Rose Sun

Working for Anping Qinghe since 2004 just after her graduation from the college. Believe it or not, she has been working on stainless steel wire mesh weaving machines for over 2 months just for getting familiar with the product, she said it was a rich experience although it is short, sometimes you feel like the machine and wire mesh on the machine can talk to you when you are familiar with them. 

Motto: Nothing is impossible for a willing heart. 

“Different companies have different cultures. And some companies only exist in the metal mesh industry for one or two years, some even shorter, only one or two orders. I feel lucky I am not working in those companies.” One of the Qinghe culture is transparency. We are required not to hide anything to our customers or our suppliers. It may be a little difficult to have customers’ first order at the beginning, but in the long run, we think we benefit from this culture.

Sales: Mr. Alan Wang

Working for Anping Qinghe since 2007. Believe it or not, his major in college is Electronics. And he can fix all kinds of problems of the mobile. We never worry about our mobile problems since he worked with us. He learned the CAD by himself during working in our company, which is very useful when customer need a custom made metal mesh CAD drawing. 

Motto: “If a customer wants something new, he must have his reason, and we need to satisfy the customer.” 

“One of the pleasures of working in this company is: we can meet all kinds of customers, from every country, with different cultures and different personalities. It is really great fun.”

Sales: Mr. Jason Yan

Working for Anping Qinghe since 2001. Anping Qinghe Metal Mesh has been to overseas exhibitions and visit customers in 12 countries for promoting our metal mesh products. Most of the overseas exhibitions are organized by Jason Yan. 

Motto: God help those who help themselves. 

I like working with the office guys and factory guys. Manufacturing is a way making you feel the real life. And I am proud we are working for the best company of the metal mesh industry in China.

“I intend to live life, not just exist.”

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