Expanded Metal


Qinghe Expanded Metal is formed in an expanding press. The basic metal is concurrently slit and cold-formed, which expands the slits into square, diamond, hexagonal, decorative shaped. Expanded metal is a form of metal stock made by shearing a metal plate in a press, so that the metal stretches, leaving diamond-shaped voids surrounded by interlinked bars of the metal. The most common method of manufacture is to simultaneously slit and stretch the material with one motion.


SWD: The distance from a point on a bond to a corresponding point on the following bond measured across the Short Way of Design. This distance is also sometimes referred as “pitch SWD”.

LWD: The distance from a point on a bond to a corresponding point on the following bond measured across the Long Way of Design. This distance is also sometimes referred as “pitch LWD”.

SWO: Short Way of Opening, the distance measured from the inside of the bond across to the inside of the bond SWD.

Expanded Metal Specification Drawing

LWO: Long Way of Opening, the distance measured from the inside of the bond across to the inside of the bond LWD.

Bond: The intersection of two strands and it is always the width of two strands.

Strand Thickness: Gauge thickness of sheet metal material of expanded metal.

Strand Width: Amount of metal fed under dies to produce the expanded metal strand.

Stainless Steel Expanded Metal


Carbon steel expanded metal materials
Hot-rolled carbon steel, Cold-rolled carbon steel

Stainless steel expanded metal materials
AISI302, AISI304, AISI304L, AISI304H, AISI310, AISI316 and AISI316L, AISI430

Aluminum Expanded Metal materials
Aluminum 1060, 3003, 5050,1100, 1145, 1070, 5052, 6061-T6, 7075, 8011.


Expanded Metal has thousands of applications for enclosure, protection, support, decoration and filtration, including grills, fencing, walkways, furniture, etc.

Architectural Expanded Metal
Micro Hole Expanded Metal

Hole Types of expanded metal:

Micro Hole Expanded Metal
Precision Expanded Mesh
Decorative Expanded Metal

Flattened & Un- Flattened

Un-flattened Expanded Metal: Expanded metal mesh as it comes off the machine. The strands and bonds are set at a uniform angle to the plane of the sheet. This adds strength and rigidity, allows air circulation, distributes the load on the metal to the supporting frames as well as making a skid resistant surface.

Flattened Expanded Metal: Manufactured by passing the standard expanded metal mesh sheet through a cold roll reducing mill parallel to the LWD. By flattening the sheet, the bonds and strands are turned down to produce a smooth and flat surface, reducing the overall thickness and extended the diamond pattern (LWD). Cross roll flattening is done by passing the expanded metal sheet through a cold roll reducing mill parallel to the SWD. The result is the same except the diamond pattern SWD is extended.

Flattened Expanded Metal
UN-Flattened Expanded Metal


1000MM, 1220MM, 1250MM, 1500MM. The measurement of the shortest side of the sheet or cut-to-size expanded metal piece. The max size is bounded by the thickness. In generally speaking, more than 3MM thickness expanded metal, the max size is 10 feet


The measurement of the longest side of the expanded metal sheet or cut-to-size piece. In rolls, the Max length is 100 feet

Expanded Al. Foil Custom Rolls
Expanded Metal Grating Heavy Duty


From 0.3MM to 15MM

Hole size:

Min: SWM X LWM : 1MM X 2MM
Max: SWM X LWM : 200MM X 400MM

Expanded Metal Tube Filters
Expanded Metal Fence 
Expanded Aluminum Facade
Expanded Metal Powder Coated See Through Mesh
Carbon Steel-Stardard(Un-Flattened) Specification
DescriptionThicknessSWDLWDStrand WidthWeight
S2.5 L4.5 W0.50.01970.50.09842.50.17724.50.01970.51.570.32
S3.0 L6.0 W0.50.01970.50.118130.236260.01970.51.310.27
S3.0 L6.0 W1.00.01970.50.118130.236260.039412.620.54
S3.2 L8.0 W0.60.01970.50.1263.20.31580.02360.61.470.3
S5.0 L10.0 W0.70.01970.50.196950.3937100.02760.71.10.23
S6.0L12.5 W0.80.01970.50.236260.492112.50.03150.81.050.21
S7.0L14.0 W0.90.01970.50.275670.5512140.03540.91.010.21
S8.0 L16.0 W1.00.01970.50.31580.6299160.039410.980.2
S9.0 L20.0 W1.10.01970.50.354390.7874200.04331.10.960.2
S10.0 L25.0 W0.50.01970.50.3937100.9843250.01970.50.390.08
S10.0 L25.0 W1.10.01970.50.3937100.9843250.04411.10.880.18
S12.0 L30.0 W1.40.01970.50.4724121.1811300.05311.40.880.18
S1.4 L2.7 W0.60.02360.60.05511.40.10632.70.02360.64.040.83
S1.9 L2.7 W0.60.02360.60.07481.90.10632.70.02360.62.970.61
S2.0 L3.0 W0.60.02360.60.078720.118130.02360.62.830.58
S2.5 L3.8 W0.70.02360.60.09842.50.14963.80.02760.72.640.54
S3.0 L3.8 W0.70.02360.60.118130.14963.80.02760.72.20.45
S4.2 L6.5 W0.80.02360.60.16544.20.2526.40.03150.81.790.37
S5.3 L12.7 W0.90.02360.60.20875.30.512.70.03540.91.60.33
S6.0 L10.2 W0.90.02360.60.236260.401610.20.03540.91.410.29
S7.0 L15.2 W1.10.02360.60.275670.598415.20.04331.11.480.3
S7.0 L20.3 W1.10.02360.60.275670.799220.30.04331.11.480.3
S10.0 L25.0 W1.00.02360.60.3937100.9843250.039410.940.19
S5.3 L12.7 W1.20.03150.80.20875.30.512.70.04721.22.840.58
S6.0L10.2 W1.00.03150.80.236260.401610.20.039412.090.43
S7.0 L15.2 W1.20.03150.80.275670.598415.20.04721.22.150.44
S8.9 L20.3 W1.30.03150.80.358.90.799220.
S12.0 L30.0 W1.40.03150.80.480312.21.1811300.05311.41.390.28
S12.7 L30.5 W1.80.03150.80.512.71.200830.50.0721.81.810.37
S14.7 L38.1 W1.80.03150.80.578714.71.538.10.0721.81.560.32
S15.0 L40.0 W1.70.03150.80.5906151.5748400.06611.71.410.29
S33.8L76.2 W2.40.03150.81.330733.8376.20.09492.40.90.18
S7.9 L25.4 W1.80.03540.90.3117.9125.40.0721.83.270.67
S12.7 L30.8 W1.80.03540.90.512.71.212630.80.0721.82.040.42
S5.0 L10.0 W1.00.039410.196950.3937100.039413.140.64
S8.0 L20.0 W2.00.039410.31580.7874200.078723.930.8
S10.0 L25.0 W1.10.039410.3937100.9843250.04411.11.760.36
S10.0 L30.0 W3.00.039410.3937101.1811300.118134.710.96
S12.0 L30.0 W1.40.039410.4724121.1811300.05311.41.770.36
S15.0 L40.0 W1.70.039410.5906151.5748400.06611.71.760.36
S7.9 L25.4 W1.80.04721.20.3117.9125.40.0721.84.360.89
S12.0 L30.0 W1.40.04721.20.4724121.1811300.05311.42.120.43
S12.7 L30.5 W2.20.04721.20.512.71.200830.50.0852.23.20.66
S14.7 L38.1 W2.20.04721.20.578714.71.538.10.0852.22.770.57
S15.0 L40.0 W1.70.04721.20.5906151.5748400.06611.72.110.43
S18.0 L50.0 W2.00.04721.20.7087181.9685500.079922.120.44
S20.8 L50.8 W2.30.04721.20.818920.8250.80.09022.32.070.42
S33.8 L76.2 W1.70.04721.21.330733.8376.20.06811.70.960.2
S12.7 L30.5 W2.30.05911.50.512.71.200830.50.09212.34.340.89
S18.0 L50.0 W2.00.05911.50.7087181.9685500.079922.660.54
S22.0 L60.0 W2.50.05911.50.8661222.3622600.09722.52.640.54
S23.0 L60.0 W2.60.05911.50.9055232.3622600.10242.62.660.55
S23.4 L50.8 W2.60.05911.50.921323.4250.80.10122.62.590.53
S25.4 L60.7 W2.20.05911.5125.42.389860.70.0872.22.050.42
S33.8 L76.2 W2.70.05911.51.330733.8376.20.10792.71.910.39
S1.00 L30.0 W2.50.0631.60.3937101.1811300.09842.56.281.29
S10.0 L30.0 W3.00.0631.60.3937101.1811300.118137.541.54
S12.0 L30.5 W1.50.0631.60.4724121.200830.50.05911.53.140.64
S15.0 L40.0 W3.00.0631.60.5906151.5748400.118135.021.03
S22.0 L50.8 W2.00.0631.60.866122250.80.078722.280.47
S25.0 L50.0 W3.00.0631.60.9843251.9685500.118133.010.62
S25.0 L61.0 W2.50.0631.60.9843252.4016610.09842.52.510.51
S18.0 L50.0 W2.10.078720.7087181.9685500.08272.13.660.75
S22.0 L60.0 W2.60.078720.8661222.3622600.10242.63.710.76
S25.0 L50.0 W3.00.078720.9843251.9685500.118133.770.77
S29.0 L80.0 W3.30.078721.1417293.1496800.12833.33.530.72
S36.0 L100.0 W4.10.078721.4173363.9371000.15944.13.530.72
S44.0 L120.0 W5.00.078721.7323444.72441200.194953.530.72
S12.0 L30.5 W3.00.09062.30.4724121.200830.50.118139.031.85
S22.0L50.8 W2.50.09062.30.866122250.80.09842.54.10.84
S23.4 L50.8 W3.70.09062.30.921323.4250.80.14413.75.651.16
S25.0 L61.0 W3.00.09062.30.9843252.4016610.118134.330.89
S33.8 L76.2 W2.70.09062.31.338634376.20.10632.72.870.59
S33.8 L76.2 W3.50.09062.31.338634376.20.13823.53.730.76
S47.0 L101.6 W4.20.09062.31.8504474101.60.16424.23.20.66
S50.0 L152.4 W3.50.09062.31.9685506152.40.13783.52.530.52
S15.0 L40.0 W3.00.09842.50.5906151.5748400.118137.851.61
S25.0 L50.0 W4.50.09842.50.9843251.9685500.17724.57.071.45
S50.0 L80.0 W4.50.09842.51.9685503.1496800.17724.53.530.72
S20.0 L60.0 W3.00.118130.7874202.3622600.118137.071.45
S25.0 L50.0 W3.00.118130.9843251.9685500.118135.651.16
S25.0 L50.0 W4.50.118130.9843251.9685500.17724.58.481.74
S36.0 L100.0 W4.10.118131.4173363.9371000.15944.15.31.09

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