Knitted Wire Mesh Filter

Stainless Steel Wire Knitted Wire Mesh


Knitted Wire Mesh Filter is also named Knitted Wire Netting, or Gas and Liquid Filter.

Knitted Mesh Filter is composed of knitted wire mesh, or together with wire mesh grill and frame. It is widely used in cooking, chemical, petroleum or other fields for gas, liquid or gas filtering, the typical application is grease filter. The Knitted Mesh Filter with large surface area can supply optimum performance and low resistance. The filtering efficiency can reach up to 98%, which is not matched by other types of filters.

Stainless Steel Wire Knitted Wire Mesh

Materials of Knitted Wire Mesh/Gas and Liquid Filter:

• Stainless steel wire.
• Copper wire.
• Monel wire.
• Non stainless steel wire.
• PP wire.
• PE wire.
• PVC wire.
• Titanium wire.
• PTFE wire.
• FEP wire.

Brass Wire Knitted Wire Mesh

When used as Grease Filter, it is installed above cooking equipment to eliminate entrained grease and fat, prevent them from entering the extraction dust and cause fire hazards. It can also supply protection for the motors and blowers. 

Copper Wire Knitted Wire Mesh

Classification of Knitted Mesh Filter

Knitted mesh filter, manufactured from various stainless steel or plastic wires, is important filter element in various applications. The knitted mesh filter can be divided into different types according to the following different criteria:

Different Wire Types:

Knitted Wire Mesh/Gas and Liquid Filter can be made of round wires, flat wires, super thick wire or wire ropes. The round Knitted Wire Mesh filter is the common and widely used type in various applications. The flat Knitted Wire Mesh Filter has larger surface area for higher filtering efficiency. It is suitable for heavy duty applications. Harmony also makes knitted wire mesh filter with super thick wire material or wire ropes for some customers in some special industry only.

Round Wire Knitted Wire Mesh Filter 
Flat Wire Knitted Wire Mesh Filter 
Rope Wire Knitted Wire Mesh Filter 
Super Gauge Wire Knitted Wire Mesh Filter 

Different Hole Types:

Standard Type
Low Penetration Type
High Penetration Type

Knitted Wire Mesh Standard Hole Type
Knitted Wire Mesh High Penetration Hole Type
Knitted Wire Mesh Low Penetration Hole Type

Features of Knitted Mesh Filter

• Large surface area.
• Low resistance.
• High filtering efficiency.
• Designed handles for easy installation and replacement.
• Customized sizes to suit different applications and requirements.
• Corrosion resistance performance for durable and long service life.
• Acid and alkali resistance for chemical stability.
• Low maintenance cost and efforts.

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